“Lewis Pugh & The Burner Band are instinctive country music and rock & roll naturals. Authentic & effortless, these boys can really play.” Andy Kershaw

"The Burner Band are one of the most exciting bands recording and playing in the UK right now."  - Julie Cruickshank, Penny Black Music 

 'AGE OF THE LIAR' review: https://pennyblackmusic.co.uk/Home/Details?id=27623

"Hearkening back to the Sun Records era when you could label most anything country, rock n’ roll, or rockabilly depending on who was singing, Signs and Wonders takes inspiration from the Million Dollar Quartet session, infuses it with just a little bit of a punk attitude and maybe even a dash of bluegrass, and fleshes it all out with more modern lyrics." Trigger, Saving Country Music  

"The Burner Band may move quick, like a stolen kiss or one night stand but their sound is classic, pared back, timeless and built to last." Marc Higgins, FATEA 

"Incipient, snarling rock and roll melding bluegrass and punk as if this were Memphis in 1954." - Peter Tomkins, Americana UK 

"Give The Burner Band a chance and you won’t be disappointed" - Howard King, At The Barrier  

"Signs and Wonders is a bristlingly confident, musically infectious and assured debut." - Mike Davies, Folk Radio 

"This entertaining, quality toe-tapping bluegrass rock n roll merger will knock years off you!"  - Darran Worrow, Devizine

 "There is a whole feel good aura around The Burner Band" - David, Three Chords and the Truth UK


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